Debbie Fisher

Debbie is a business change and project management professional with extensive experience within the affordable housing sector and the NHS

I'm Debbie Fisher, one of the consultants at Mojo and my expertise is in vision setting, strategy development and change management. I have worked across commercial, not for profit and the health & social care sector as I am passionate about working with organisations who want to make a difference to the lives of other people, especially those who are vulnerable in our society.

Mostly I work on strategic organisational change programmes, helping organisations to keep up with the increasing pace and complexity of change. My most recent role saw me leading change within the NHS, after several years working in the housing sector.

I particularly love to help people work out what their vision is for the future and how best to get there, to support the changes required and create a culture of empowered staff to help organisations release their latent potential. I believe it’s important to really listen to what people’s experiences and challenges are so that any strategy or change is tailored and aligned to the right goals and has the best chance of success. In my spare time I love to be with family and friends, to read a good book or spend quality pottering time in my garden.