Moving forward or developing strategy always requires new insights. At the very least it should start with a thorough review of the political, social and commercial environment that surrounds us.

With a little over ten years’ experience of compiling and commissioning research work to support strategic decisions Mojo can offer a bespoke service to evaluate and report on a range of business, social and place-related topics.

Our Place Shaping toolkit, to be released later this year, will provide a baseline for agencies, councils, companies and others to begin to understand what is working well in a subject area, what positive physical, human and economic assets are there, what the inhibitors are and where the benchmarks sit in terms of neighbouring and comparable locations.

Alongside the quantitive data Mojo can undertake in-the-field qualitative analysis to give genuine triangulation around what is happening locally. Business owners and householder feedback will provide context and realism so that decisions can take into account the views of people who live, play and conduct their business in the place under consideration. The goal is to enable decision makers to direct their resources and their energies in ways that improve lives, outcomes and commercial results rather than relying on general assumptions, gut feelings or the good old fashioned guess.

As well as outward facing research Mojo has experience of conducting structured internal reviews, gatekeeper reports and cultural mapping programmes. We’ll be happy to talk through whatever you have in mind, without cost or obligation.