Regeneration and Place-Making

What makes a place work? Perhaps more importantly what makes a place struggle? What are the positive assets and resources? What are the constraints and the disadvantages that could be putting it out of balance? Our work in place-making is to support decision makers with evidence based assessments of neighbourhoods and localities.

The things that conspire to make a place work successfully as somewhere to live, to work, to raise a family or to spend leisure time are almost limitless and the differentiation between the 'desirable' or the 'up and coming' places and those that are struggling is sometimes hard to define. We can all think of places where the boundary between the 'good' and the 'bad' is universally understood to exist but for which, logically, there can sometime be no obvious reason. Sometimes history has a part to play. Often the factors that are in play are social and economic though and digging deep to understand the data and the context is what we at Mojo strive to do.

As well as examining the information that is openly available (and there is a lot out there these days) we can undertake qualitative research on the ground so that the facts and the numbers are set alongside what those who live and work there say. Often we find that business owners and other important 'shapers' of neighbourhoods resist anything that looks and smells too much like 'officialdom'. Different conversations are needed to reveal what is really believed and valued in a place.

To find out more about how Mojo could help you in completing your picture of the place for which you care and in which you might want to invest, call or email.