Coaching and Personal Development

There is probably nothing that sums up what Mojo is about more than helping people to understand what they really want and how they’re going to get it.

Having qualified as a coach with the Institute of Learning and Management in 2009, Mojo’s Mike Ward has worked with people at a range of levels within his former company and with people outside the housing world. Mike’s approach has been to support, first, the discovery of individual goals and then has to worked with individuals as they have worked at their own plans to move forward in their lives and their careers. Here are a few comments kindly offered by people who have been coached by Mike in the past few months.

“Dear Mike, thank you for all the support you have given me. The coaching sessions have really helped prepare me and, more importantly unlock confidence.” 
Joe Hemmings who stepped up to his first managerial role.

“I'm now working as a Business Change Manager on business transformation project for various companies around the country. Thanks to your help and support, I really pushed myself and moved into an area of business that I really enjoy and is very rewarding.”
Bob Deol, a manager with Circle Housing coached by Mike Ward

“Your comments and format have inspired him. You’ve given more help than ALL his resettlement bods thank you.”
This from the wife of a recently retired senior serviceman who Mike supported to gain the job he wanted.

Mojo can offer support in a number of ways including face to face coaching, facilitated action learning for small groups, telephone coaching and support with CVs and interview skills. You may know exactly want you want and where you’re heading or you might feel the next step is needed but unclear. Either way, if you know you’re ready for making some changes and would like support to move forward contact us at Mojo and let’s talk about what we can do for you.