Business Growth

Growing your business sounds easy and is often the thing that leaders like to think of most. But how and when to grow in a way that doesn't jeopardise your existing success is a challenge.

There are plenty of good, established businesses that have carved out a niche and a reputation for themselves and want to continue, steady state, into the future. If they're lucky, no-one else will come along and wipe their market out or render their USP or technology obselete. If that's you, all the best. You can stop here.

But most businesses see themselves growing, achieving greater resilience through scale, doing more, reaching further, branching out. At Mojo we've spent many years working successfully to deliver growth and we can work with you and your team to plan where, how and when you can develop your business.

We will apply a simple four part structure, tried and tested, to frame the stages and the styles of growth activity for you. We'll start not with racy, exciting new ideas (they come later) but with a solid grounding in what you need to do to protect what you have now. Many companies have seen their bedrock business overtaken because leaders were too distracted by the new and the different. Moving on to how you deepen your penetration of your existing markets. Then extending into adjacent activities; things that are natural extensions of what you're good at and known for. Finally we look at where and when you might diversify into new areas of activity; things that are not quite like the things you do now. 

For a confidential discussion about how you want your business to grow, what you see as your biggest barriers and to see how Mojo could help you, call or message us.