8 Strategy Steps

I've always found the best way to approach strategy is to build it around a good, clear framework. Here are eight steps that have served me well over the years.

Eight steps for strategy

  1. Write down your vision
    • Define expectations and set the scale and scope. What do you want to be known for? Write the history of your success before it’s happened.
  2. Make a really honest evaluation
    • Where are you compared to your ideal? What is good? What is broken? What are the things that give you an advantage or could be used to do that? What impediments are there that you can’t easily get rid of?
  3. Commission or conduct research
    • Looking outside your business and yourself. What is the best? What matters most and is prized above other things by your customers? Be objective and validate or correct your instinctive views.
  4. Identify options
    • What can you major on? What gives you the best possible chance of success? What are the risks? Complete a matrix with objective scoring to help you choose.
  5. Choice
    • Select the things you believe you can excel at and assign strong resources to be as good as you can possibly be. Plan to blow your competition away!
  6. Plan
    • Share your vision and high level objectives with the whole team. Set the priorities and give people a clear brief on what’s expected of them. Incentivise achievement. Make sure there’s fun!
  7. Implement
    • Execute your plan with precision, energy and urgency. Monitor, correct, adjust, learn and celebrate success.
  8. Review
    • Take time to reflect on lessons learned. How did reality compare to your vision and your original goals? Communicate and share what you learned.
    • Where to next?

And throughout… communicate, inspire and invite ideas in.